Social Sciences Department


Mary Martin
Executive Assistant to the VP of Instructional Services, (541) 506-6031

Dr. M. J. (Zip) Krummel
Social Science Department Chair, (541) 308-8217


Anthropology students will study humans, past and present.


Economics students will learn how people choose to use resources.


History students will learn the origins, evolution, and decline of institutions and ideas.

Political Science

Political Science students will study governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior.


Psychology students will learn why living beings behave the way they do and the mental processes involved.


Sociology students will study society, social interaction, and culture.

Women's Studies

This course surveys and critically analyzes the position of women in society, in terms of present realities and future possibilities. It provides a framework for connecting personal experience with contemporary social and political issues.


Course Name Credits
ATH 101 Introduction to Physical Anthropology 4
ATH 102 Introduction to Archaeology & Prehistory 4
ATH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4
ATH 208 Introduction to Ethnography 4
ATH 231 Native Americans of the Northwest 4
ATH 235 Survey of Prehistoric Mesoamerica 4
EC 200 Principles of Economics: Introduction, Institutions & Philosophies 4
EC 201 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics 4
EC 202 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics 4
ED 101 Teachers Make a Difference: Exploring the K-5 Classroom 1
ED 219 Civil Rights & Multicultural Issues in Educational Settings 3
ED 293 Elementary Educator Practicum 1
Ed 294 Education Practicum Seminar 2
HEC 202 Contemporary Families in the US 3
HST 104 History of the Middle East 4
HST 110 World History I: Ancient to Medieval 4
HST 111 World History II: Medieval to Modern 4
HST 112 World History III: Early Modern to Present 4
HST 201 History of the United States to 1840 4
HST 202 History of the United States 1840-1914 4
HST 203 History of the United States 1914 to present 4
HST 218 American Indian History 4
HST 225 History of Women, Sex, and the Family 4
HST 240 Oregon History 4
HST 270 History of Mexico 4
PS 201 US Government I 4
PS 202 US Government II 4
PS 203 State and Local Politics 4
PS 204 Comparative Political Systems 4
PS 205 Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation 4
PS 211 Peace and Conflict 4
PS 220 U.S. Foreign Policy 4
PS 225 Political Philosophy 4
PSY 101 Psychology and Human Relations 4
PSY 201A General Psychology 4
PSY 202A General Psychology 4
PSY 213 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience 4
PSY 214 Introduction to Personality 4
PSY 215 Human Development 4
PSY 216 Social Psychology 4
PSY 222 Family & Intimate Relationships 4
PSY 231 Human Sexuality I 4
PSY 232 Human Sexuality II 4
PSY 239 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 4
SOC 204 Sociology in Everyday Life 4
SOC 205 Social Change in Societies 4
SOC 206 Social Problems 4
SOC 213 Diversity in the United States 4
SOC 218 Sociology of Gender 4
SOC 219 Religion & Culture: Social Dimensions 4
SOC 231 Sociology of Health & Aging 4
WS 101 Women's Studies 4
WS 201 Women of the World 4
WS 202 Activism and Social Change 4
Namesort ascending Title Email Phone
Amanda Webster Writing Instructor
David Wagenblast David Wagenblast Economics Instructor
Christina Martinez Sociology Instructor
Dr. M. J. (Zip) Krummel M. J. (Zip) Krummel Social Science Department Chair, Psychology Instructor (541) 308-8217
Kristen Kane Kristen Kane Academic Assessment Coordinator, Psychology Instructor (541) 506-6036
Seth Hedberg Seth Hedberg History Instructor
Leigh Hancock Headshot Leigh Hancock Writing Department Chair, Writing Instructor
Tess Fegel-Osborne Tess Fegel-Osborne Psychology Instructor
Courtney Cunningham Courtney Cunningham ESOL Instructor, Education Instructor
John Copp John Copp History, Political Science Instructor (541) 506-6000
Picture of Catherine Brown Catherine Brown Education Instructor
Leslie Berry Leslie Berry Anthropology Instructor