Psychology is the systematic,scientific study of behavior and mental processes in context. Students try to gain an understanding why living beings behave the way they do and the mental processes involved. The Psychology Department offers a wide variety of classes that provide students with the opportunity to understand and apply a variety theories based in the scientific study of psychology in an effort to explain why we behave, think and feel the way we do.


Course Name Credits
PSY 101 Psychology and Human Relations 4
PSY 201A General Psychology 4
PSY 202A General Psychology 4
PSY 213 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience 4
PSY 214 Introduction to Personality 4
PSY 215 Human Development 4
PSY 216 Social Psychology 4
PSY 222 Family & Intimate Relationships 4
PSY 231 Human Sexuality I 4
PSY 232 Human Sexuality II 4
PSY 239 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 4
Namesort descending Title Email Phone
Tess Fegel-Osborne Tess Fegel-Osborne Psychology Instructor
Kristen Kane Kristen Kane Academic Assessment Coordinator, Psychology Instructor (541) 506-6036
Dr. M. J. (Zip) Krummel M. J. (Zip) Krummel Social Science Department Chair, Psychology Instructor (541) 308-8217