Mental Health Month Screening Days


Shayna Dahl
Student Support Services Coordinator, (541) 506-6046

As part of our observance and participation in Mental Health Month, we are encouraging students, and our faculty and staff, to take a "check up from the neck up" during screening days May 4-6. Individuals can visit to:

  • complete a screen,
  • receive information on common conditions and understanding your results
  • get general resources for help should you find a concern or are in distress

While there are many screening tools available on this site and other websites, you may want to start with one of the more common assessments like those for anxiety or depression, unless you already know you may have a more specific area of concern (i.e. substance use, eating difficulties, etc).

For students, should you find that you have a concern about your results or just want to understand them better, or if you want to receive a referral for local counseling assistance, you can contact:

Shayna Dahl
Student Support Services Coordinator; 541-506-6046

Faculty and staff should contact a representative of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP log in) through Reliant Behavioral Health to address any concerns as a result of screening.

For anyone who might need more immediate assistance, we have created a resource sheet of the most common local resources, crisis lines, and general hotlines that you can access to get care.

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