CGCC is Committed to our Students & the Communities We Serve


Dr. Frank Toda
President, (541) 506-6103

November 21, 2016

Many in our community have experienced an array of emotions since the election and are likely still processing the changes to come. I am writing to acknowledge the anxiety and fear that some may be feeling, as well as to encourage all of us to listen to each other and acknowledge the diversity of opinions and emotions we all share. In short, our college is a place where we can hold deep divisions of opinion, but still treat each other with respect and dignity. Now more than ever, we must unite as a campus community and ensure that our space is safe and welcoming to all students.

In my last "operational update" I touched on these thoughts, but now having participated with the majority of college presidents in Oregon ... I'm moved to emphasize that I will do everything within my authority to insure that CGCC will maintain a course of "True North" when it comes to protecting open access, equity, and inclusion.

While our mission is about building dreams and transforming lives - making a difference in the communities we serve ... the mission is built on a solid foundation of core values: Respect, Integrity, Community, Excellence, Learning, and Service before Self. As I've engaged with many these last weeks, there has been a growing awareness of the true importance of these core values of behavior. During these reflections, one of the things that comes into focus is the State's commitment to equity. In this regard, I've attached copies of the State's commitment documents as well as the CGCC Board of Education's resolution in support and encouragement of equity at CGCC. Specifically we are committed to the principles of inclusion and equity, and we are committed to offer support as well as an environment where all members of the community can learn and reach their goals. We will continue to focus our energy, be transparent in all of our conversations, be thoughtful in our deliberations, and intentional in our decision making.

As was mentioned earlier, there have been many conversations this past week. By way of sharing some of this information, I will cut and paste some of the many references below. We hope that you will not hesitate to reach out when support and assistance is needed:

Counseling Services

Mid Columbia Center for Living The Dalles (541) 296-5452, Hood River (541) 386-2620

Immigration Resources

Immigration Counseling Services in Hood River & The Dalles

DACA Community Advisory

LGBTQ Resources

The Trevor Project

Resources on Campus

Student Services (541) 506-6011

Access and Diversity Committee

For employees: Employee Assistance Program (866) 750-1327

On Dec. 1, 2016, the Access and Diversity Committee will be launching their webpage. This will house these and many more resources available to support our diverse student body.