Name Representing Title
Dana Campbell Board Librarian
Lee Fairchild Board Petroleum Geologist
Eric Studebaker Executive Leadership Team Chief Student Services Officer
Danny Dehaze Staff Online Services Specialist
Mary Martin Staff Executive Assistant to Chief Academic Officer
Annette Byers Faculty Mathematics Instructor
Rob Kovacich Faculty Chemistry Instructor
Stephen Shwiff Faculty History & Business Administration Instructor &
Department Chair, Career and Technical Education Department
Jonathan Neptune Associated Student Government Vice President
Andrea Padilla Smith Associated Student Government Student Representative
Candy Armstrong Superintendent Superintendent, North Wasco County School District #21
Dan Goldman Superintendent Superintendent, Hood River County School District
Martin Campos-Davis Community Operations Director, Oregon Human Development Corp.
Martha Capovilla Community, Foundation President, CGCC Foundation
Dr. Kristen Dillon Community Family Practice Physician, Director Gorge Coordinated Care Organization
Cyndi Gentry Community HR Director, North Wasco PUD
Jeanie Vieira Community CEO, Providence Hospital