Pre-College Program


Elizabeth Knudsen
Pre-College Specialist, (541) 506-6041

Pre-College classes are for anyone ages 16 and over who has a high school diploma or GED® and is transitioning to college.


Pre-College classes help:

  • Prepare for or improve scores on college placement tests
  • Develop reading comprehension skills and strategies
  • Renew or increase math skills
  • Develop writing composition and grammar skills

New Student Orientation (required)

Pre-college students are required to attend a new student orientation during the start or middle of the term. Click here for the dates and times of the next orientations.  Call to sign up!

  • The Dalles Campus, call (541) 506-6041
  • Hood River - Indian Creek Campus, call (541) 308-8243

Open Lab



Course Name Credits
ABE 60 Pre-College Language Arts I: Science & Social Studies 0
ABE 70 Pre-College Language Arts II: Science & Social Studies 0
ABE 80 Pre-College Math I 0
ABE 90 Pre-College Math II 0
Namesort descending Title Email Phone
Kristen Booth Kristen Booth Writing Instructor, Pre-College Instructor, Curriculum Committee Chair
Andrew Carmicheal Headshot Andrew Carmicheal Pre-College Department Chair, Pre-College & ESOL Instructor (541) 506-6041
Janette Harrington Headshot Janette Harrington Pre-College Instructor (541) 506-6041
Leslie Jones Leslie Jones Pre-College Instructor (541) 506-6041
Tricia Losee Tricia Losee Pre-College Instructor (541) 506-6041