EGACA-AP Cellular Telephones Procedure

Board Policy Code: EGACA-AR
Adopted: 2005-02-08T00:00:00

College-owned cellular telephones may be purchased and authorized for staff use in accordance with the following:

Cellular Telephone Authorization

Cellular telephones may be assigned or made available on a temporary basis by the [President] [Business Manager] when it is determined that:

  1. The assignment of a cellular telephone to the employee is a prudent use of college resources;
  2. The employee's job responsibilities require the ability to communicate frequently and access to a college or public telephone is not readily available;
  3. The employee's job responsibilities involves situations where immediate communication is necessary to ensure the security of college property or safety of students, staff or others while on college property or engaged in college-sponsored activities.

Cellular Telephone Use

  1. Cellular telephones are provided specifically to carry out official college business when other means of communications are not readily available. Cellular telephones may not be used for routine communications.
  2. Cellular telephones are not to be used when a less costly alternative is readily available, unless as otherwise necessary for safety or emergency circumstances.
  3. Personal use of college-owned cellular telephones is limited to making or receiving calls for family emergency purposes, including contacting a family member or child care provider to advise that the employee is going to be late arriving home or picking up children for a reason directly related to his/her official duties, i.e., a meeting which runs later than expected or a last minute schedule change. Whenever possible, such calls should be made or received on college or other public telephones.
  4. Cellular telephones are not to be used for conversations involving college information of a confidential nature.
  5. Cellular telephones are not to be loaned to others.
  6. Employees issued a cellular telephone are responsible for its safekeeping at all times. Defective, lost or stolen cellular telephones are to be reported immediately to the [Business Manager] who will in turn notify the service provider.
  7. Cellular telephones issued for employee use are to be returned to the [Business Manager] at the conclusion of the academic year, activity or as otherwise specified.

Privately-Owned Cellular Telephones

  1. College employees may be reimbursed for use of privately-owned cellular telephones to conduct college business in accordance with Board policy and this regulation, with prior approval of the [President] or [Business Manager].
  2. Personal use of privately-owned cellular telephones by employees authorized to use such equipment for college business is restricted to nonclass or other such times when the employee is not on duty.


  1. Requests for reimbursement for authorized use of employee-owned cellular telephones are to be submitted on appropriate forms, available through the business office and accompanied by a copy of the billing statement with the business-related calls highlighted. A notation for each highlighted entry,  indicating the nature of the call is required.
  2. All requests for reimbursement, including the highlighted billing statement must be submitted within [30] days of the end of the time period for which reimbursement is requested. Requests submitted after the reimbursement deadline has passed will be denied.
  3. Reimbursement for authorized use of employee-owned cellular telephones will be made [within [30] days] [in conformance with college payment procedures].