90.E - Solicitation/Advertising by the Public on the College Campus

Board Policy Code: 90.E
Adopted: 1997-07-09T00:00:00
Revised/Readopted: 06/11/14

The following activities are generally not allowed on campus. Exceptions can be made by the college president or designee. When exceptions are allowed, the activity will be designated to a certain area of the campus.

  1. The administration of surveys, questionnaires and requests for information by non-college connected organizations.
  2. Commercial advertising, except advertising that relates to college functions.
  3. Fund raising by non-college agencies or for other than college activities.
  4. Demonstrations of services or materials and canvassing of students or college employees for the purpose of selling products or services.
  5. Solicitation of funds or selling tickets on the campus,