70.E - Staff Participation in Community Activities

Board Policy Code: 70.E
Adopted: 1987-09-09T00:00:00
Revised/Readopted: 09/11/91, 09/16/14

The Columbia Gorge Community College Board of Education encourages the administration, staff, and faculty to be involved in community activities that help to establish working affiliations with the community and promote the mission of the college. More specifically, this includes community boards, commissions, task forces, service clubs, and similar associations that are deemed to have the above results.

The Board recognizes that Columbia Gorge employees are a human resource and should be committed to the service of the college and the community it serves.

For the following reasons, the college receives benefit from staff being involved in these activities:

  1. Attains feedback on educational programs;
  2. Opportunities to assess community needs,
  3. May meet the state statute and goal of intergovernmental cooperation.

The Board further realizes that participation in the above types of activities leads to personal and professional development of its staff.

Because of being involved in the above activities there may be times when in-kind and minimis and other resources of the college may be needed to accomplish active participation. (These activities may be identified in individual work plans and approved by the supervisor. In the case of the President, the President will keep the Board informed of such activities in which he is involved.)

Therefore the Board encourages staff to be involved in community events that are cost effective and build the effectiveness of Columbia Gorge Community College.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 341.290 (2)
Oregon Constitution, Article XV, Section 8