70.A - Board-Staff Communications

Board Policy Code: 70.A
Adopted: 1991-06-12T00:00:00
Revised/Readopted: 09/16/14

The Board of Education desires to maintain open communication channels between itself and the staff. The basic line of communication will be through the college President. The President will develop and recommend to the Board processes for communications between the Board and college employees.

Communications or reports to the Board or Board committee from any staff member or members should be submitted through the President. This procedure should not be construed as denying the right of any employee to appeal to the Board from administrative decisions, provided that the President is notified of the forthcoming appeal and the appeal is in accordance with applicable provisions of collective bargaining agreements and the Board’s policies on complaints.

All official communications, policies and directives of staff interest and concern will be communicated to staff members through the President. The President will employ media as appropriate to keep staff fully informed of the Board’s concerns and actions.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 341.290 (2)