60.A - Environmental Impact

Board Policy Code: 60.A
Adopted: 2000-06-14T00:00:00
Revised/Readopted: 06/11/14

Columbia Gorge Community College seeks to understand the impacts on the environment of its activities at a local, national and global level. The college seeks solutions to environmental problems by adopting sound principles and best practice, both within its immediate environs and in the wider community. The college accepts responsibility to demonstrate environmental protection and enhancement through

appropriate teaching, research and institutional practice.

The college is committed to being guided by the following principles in the recognition they are cross-connected:

  • The practice of responsible energy management through reduced consumption and the encouragement of energy efficiency throughout the campus and community.
  • The protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage on campus and in partnership with the community and others.
  • The creation of a high quality-working environment through the discouragement of litter, graffiti and noise pollution.
  • The encouragement of the use of public transport.
  • The provision of facilities for the disabled, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The choice of products and suppliers, which minimize negative environmental impacts subject to necessary budgetary constraints.
  • The minimization of waste by reduced consumption and the development of effective waste management and recycling procedures.
  • The avoidance of the unnecessary use of hazardous materials and processes, and the taking of all essential use.
  • The continued monitoring and auditing of its environmental policies and practices in order to demonstrate responsibility by the college.