50.K - Payment of Bills

Board Policy Code: 50.K
Adopted: 1978-05-10T00:00:00
Revised/Readopted: 09/09/81, 09/11/91, 07/09/97, 06/11/14, 06/09/15

All claims for payment from college funds will be processed under the supervision of the chief financial officer. Payment will be authorized against invoices properly supported by approved purchase orders, with properly submitted vouchers, or in accordance with salaries and salary schedules approved by the Board of Education.

Cost center/special fund managers have primary responsibility and the cost center/special fund supervisor has secondary responsibility for assuring that budget allocations are observed and that total expenditures do not exceed the amount allocated in the budget. They, along with the chief financial officer, will be responsible for keeping the president informed of critical levels and of cost center appropriation levels prior to over-expenditure.