40.E - Library

Board Policy Code: 40.E
Adopted: 1997-06-11T00:00:00
Revised/Readopted: 02/08/05

Freedom of Library to Function

The Columbia Gorge Community College Board of Education is ultimately responsible for the selection of academic instructional and library materials. The Board delegates to the president and his/her designee the authority for the selection of instructional and library print, media and information in electronic format that supports the college's curriculum.


The mission of the library is to provide quality library and information resources and services to students, faculty and staff in support of the curricular mission of the college.

The library is an essential facet of the educational process. It offers library and information resources and services and instruction on accessing and using curriculum-related information to students, to the faculty and to the staff to enhance their job knowledge.

Adult local citizens are welcome to use the library; however, the level of services provided to them cannot equal that given to the college community due to limited resources. Whenever the library incurs a fee to provide library services to local citizens, that patron will be charged the fee.

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