30.G - Outside Speakers and Organizations

Board Policy Code: 30.G
Adopted: 2013-06-11T00:00:00

Basic Position

Columbia Gorge Community College is dedicated to providing an environment that allows and encourages the free examination of all ideas.

Outside Speakers

College departments or recognized student organizations may invite speakers to the campus to address their own members and other interested students and staff with the provision that suitable space is available, that such appearances do not conflict with the regularly scheduled program of the college, and that the audience be given the opportunity to question the speaker during or at the conclusion of the speech.

Outside Organizations

The college encourages and welcomes representatives of organizations not associated with the college to meet with students for the purpose of providing additional opportunities for their total educational development. However, the holding of such meetings on the campus does not constitute an endorsement of the organization by the college, nor will the college necessarily require or request students to attend the meeting or meetings. Any organization wishing to hold a meeting or meetings on the campus with students should contact the student life coordinator or the chief student services officer for information regarding proper procedures.

Political Figures on Campus

The college supports the participation of major political figures in a variety of college events. Such events include, but are not limited to, building dedications, commencement and curricular innovations such as a mock convention.

If such event should occur during a campaign year, the candidate would be expected to refrain from using issues/materials related to that campaign.

Political candidates may be allowed to speak to classes or clubs during the college day if, in the judgment of the administration, the presentation is a desirable supplement to the instructional program. If such presentation is permitted, any other candidate who has filed for the same office will, upon request, be allowed equal time.

Board Statement

The presentation of speakers on the Columbia Gorge Community College campus involves neither the affirmation nor denial of the view of such speakers by the Board of Education, the administration, faculty, or students.

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