20.F - Policy Development

Board Policy Code: 20.F
Adopted: 1990-04-11T00:00:00
Revised/Readopted: 07/09/97, 02/08/05, 06/10/14

The Board has the authority and responsibility to establish policy. The Board accepts the definition of policy set forth by the National School Boards' Association:

College Board policies are statements which set forth the purposes and prescribe in general terms the organization and program of a school system. They create a framework within which the President and his/her staff can discharge their assigned duties with positive direction. They tell what is wanted.

The formulation and adoption of policies, recorded in writing, will constitute the basic method by which the Board will exercise its leadership in the operation of the college.

The policies will be consistent with Oregon statutes and regulations of the State Board of Education.

The president will furnish necessary information and make recommendations on new policies and on policy changes.

The college shall file with the Commissioner annually, between December 1 and January 1, either any policy revisions made or a statement that policies currently on file are being continued.