Program Details

Before Your Program

You will work with our advisors and:

  • Receive guidance on how your education, work history, and occupational goals relate to your chosen training
  • Identify potential sources for funding, such as financial aid programs (hyperlink - financial aid page) and scholarships (hyperlink - scholarships page)
  • Understand how to navigate the college admissions and placement testing process (hyperlink - placement assessment page)
  • Simplify the process for registering and starting college

During Your Program

As a CGCC student you can access services to:

  • Receive individualized assistance in customizing resumes, cover letters and job search
  • Develop and practice effective interview strategies for present and future job search
  • Expand your personal network to help you find new career opportunities
  • Perform occupational, labor market, and educational research to develop a plan for your educational and career advancement

After Your Program

Advisors will work with you to:

  • Identify and apply for job openings after you complete your training
  • Tailor your application materials to the companies and jobs that interest you
  • Develop targeted strategies for upcoming interviews
  • Continuously refine your job search materials and strategies