Production Technician


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Wage / Salary: 15 / hr



PowderPure is a rapidly growing company at the forefront of technological innovation in food and nutritional product manufacturing. We have a strong commitment to producing the highest quality ingredient powders, and to sustainability. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, a fair and safe workplace, and superior customer service. We welcome motivated and enthusiastic people to become a part of our growing team.


The Production Technician performs all the tasks necessary to process raw materials into the finished product while recording the data used to monitor the production process. Production Technicians follow procedures to ensure products are produced at the required quality and throughput. In close consultation with the Production Lead and Production Supervisor, a Production Technician may use his or her experience and knowledge to optimize production and solve problems as they arise.

Initial Organizational Structure
The Production Supervisor is the Production Technician’s direct supervisor.


  • Record data from all stages of the production process. This includes weighing raw materials, intermediate products, and final products. Perform percent solids test at the required stages. Perform water activity testing on product off the dryer to ensure product is dry to specifications and to optimize throughput. Fill out paperwork with all required information.
  • Label product at all stages of production with the required information.
  • Monitor production. If problems are observed notify supervisor of problems when time allows or if not take immediate action to protect personnel, equipment and product. After consultation with supervisor follow established procedures to remedy problems. Where there can be immediate improvements to the process optimize the process staying within the established limits, personal experience, and training. Consult with supervisor or knowledgeable production staff to find the best solution. Document changes.
  • Make sure production line has a regular supply of raw material.
  • Keeping machines dirt free at all times. 
  • Transport raw materials from cold storage to staging or processing areas and finished product into dry storage areas. 
  • Drying using the dryer. Set up dryer and its liquid or pulp applicators. Prepare and run dryer according to assigned run conditions and limits. Monitor product quality and dryness. Within the assigned limits optimize run conditions to maximize throughput while maintaining the required product quality. Collect dry product and put into dry storage. 
  • Assemble and prepare raw materials, utensils and equipment so they are ready for production. Stage frozen raw materials so they're sufficiently thawed by the time they are needed. 
  • Organize and rearrange frozen product in walk-in freezer and staging area.
  • Collect samples at the required stages of production.
  • Product packaging. Fill bags to the required weights, double bag and seal according to the given procedure.
  • Seal bags in boxes so that they're neat in appearance and sturdy.
  • Clean equipment, containers and utensils following sanitary procedures.
  • Clean assigned production areas to include floors, shelves, counters.


  • HS Diploma or GED required
  • Read & write English
  • Basic data entry skills & computer skills



Lauren Vasilakopoulos, HR Business Partner