Pathfinder Career and Transfer Center

Columbia Gorge Community College's (CGCC) Pathfinder Career and Transfer Center offers personalized, one-on-one career counseling and college transfer planning.

Career counseling sessions help students discover their interests, skills, strengths, values and personality and define a clear career path to guide their educational plan.

College transfer planning sessions outline the necessary steps and requirements to transfer to another college or university.


  1. Get Career Counseling
  2. Find a Job
  3. Transfer to Another College or University
  4. Career Toolkit from Learn How to Become includes:
    • Types of Careers and Job Search tips
    • Colleges and Degree Programs
  5. Career Exploration Software | TypeFocus:
    • Personality Assessments
    • Career Inventory and Exploration Tools
    • Resume Builders and Job Finding Tips

Free of charge for CGCC Students. Check with your advisor.


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