Video Production


Paula Ascher
Virtual Campus Coordinator, (541) 506-6035

Why a Video?

Instructors produce videos for course-related subjects, to focus on:
  1. Difficult concepts - videos allow students to review the lesson multiple times
  2. Key ideas - students may watch videos as homework or preparatory material
  3. Equal view - each learner gets the same view
  4. Demonstrations that are labor intensive - videos can save time and cost

Most videos are produced by recording the computer screen with audio, but many use a camera

Computer Screen Recording

Available in all smart classrooms Video, Camtasia can be used to create videos showing students anything you can access on a computer.

Getting started Video
Camtasia tutorials

Camera Recording

Video production is scheduled with Paula Ascher. We do most of our filming at the annual summer faculty video camp in August. Because budget requests are due to the president in January for the fiscal year that begins in July, ideally we identify projects and write scripts early in the planning process.

Annual Timeline

  • January: Identification of the project/script writing

Writing a script is essential for planning technical, time, and budget requirements, communicating ideas and efficiently using time during filming. It is important to think about what the audience will see and hear in each segment of the video.

How to Write a Video Script

Developing a Video Script

Please send Paula Ascher a document with two columns like these examples below. By comparing these scripts with the respective finished videos, you can see the planning behind the product.

Script Examples
Video Examples
Science Lab Script Science Lab Video Video
Online Instructor Introduction Script Online Instructor Introduction Video Video
Creative Philosophy Script Creative Philosophy Video Video
  • April and May: Refining the project/scheduling filming

We will go over scripts and plan a filming schedule. All of the camera, lighting, microphone, blue screen, and teleprompter equipment is portable, so we can film in a wide variety of locations. For instructor introductions, there will likely be days set up specifically for this purpose to be most efficient with equipment set up.

  • Summer Video Camp

Before video camp starts, please send Paula Ascher a final version of the script. She will upload it onto a teleprompter so that in most cases, you will not need to memorize lines. On the day of filming, please wear a collared shirt, which will make it easier to attach a microphone. Also, kindly do not wear stripes, which is a pattern that can look wavy on film.