Rural Clinical Simulation Center


Maureen Harter
Nursing Instructor, (541) 506-6145

The Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) Rural Clinical Simulation Center (RCSC) has been designed to mimic clinical settings to provide the nursing students at CGCC the opportunity to practice nursing clinical judgment at the patient's bedside, and to enhance their skills.

Students are given clinically-focused case scenarios in which they must act as the nurse and demonstrate safe, research-based nursing care as the "patient's" conditions change. Nursing faculty facilitate the students' learning experience in the simulation lab.


The CGCC simulation lab is equipped with two high-fidelity, human patient simulators, along with all the hospital equipment a nurse might need to take care of a patient in a variety of settings. Even home care can be replicated in the simulation lab. This flexibility allows students to provide nursing care to patients that may not be seen regularly in the rural clinical settings.