CGCC Nursing Program Joins Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE)

For Fall 2018, the Nursing Program at CGCC will transition to the statewide curriculum used by OCNE partner schools and the Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing.

Beginning with the Fall 2018 entry application, students will need to meet the new OCNE pre-requisite requirements, which most students will require a year or more to complete. The application deadline for Fall 2022 entry is February 15, 2022 (see details in the Program Application). Students anticipating entry into the 2022 Nursing cohort and currently in the process of obtaining the Nursing Program pre-requisites should make an appointment with a CGCC advisor to have their transcripts evaluated for what courses will be required.


See current Nursing Application for details.


Course Name Credits
NRS 110 Foundations of Nursing – Health Promotion 9
NRS 111 Foundations of Nursing in Chronic Illness I 6
NRS 112 Foundations of Nursing in Acute Care I 6
NRS 221 Nursing in Chronic Illness II and End-of-Life Care 9
NRS 222 Nursing in Acute Care II and End-of-Life Care 9
NRS 224 Integrative Practicum 9
NRS 230 Clinical Pharmacology I 3
NRS 231 Clinical Pharmacology II 3
NRS 232 Pathophysiological Processes I 3
NRS 233 Pathophysiological Processes II 3
Namesort ascending Title Email Phone
Lori White Lori White Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Jessica Webb Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Jennifer Stager Jennifer Stager Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6163
Seri Schutt Seri Schutt Nursing Instructor
Lorie Saito Lorie Saito Dean of Nursing & Health Occupations, Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6146
Kristi Ridgeway Nursing Faculty
Griselda Manzo De Garcia Griselda Manzo De Garcia Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6141
Angela Johnston Angela Jones AHA Training Center Administrator (541) 506-6144
Gwen Johnston Gwen Johnston Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6143
Maureen Harter Maureen Harter Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6145
Kathy Goe Kathy Goe Nursing Clinical Instructor
Mercedes Bolton Mercedes Bolton Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6148
Dawn Agidius Dawn Agidius Clinical Nursing Instructor (541) 506-6146