Website courses open new job opportunities

January 16, 2018

Websites are so commonplace that it’s uncommon to find a business which doesn’t have one. If your business falls into that category, or if you’d like to improve your existing website, or if you’d just like to create a personal website, Columbia Gorge Community College has the answers.

For the past two academic terms, CGCC has been offering a one-year Web Development Assistant certificate, and the college is pleased to announce that, pending final approval, beginning next fall students will also be able to earn a Web Design Assistant certificate.

So, what’s the difference between web development and web design?

Traditionally, web development has been a catch-all term that included design, but with the growth in mobile technologies, the need for accessibility and the regular changes in search engine algorithms, design and development are becoming two separate fields – although there are some overlaps. 

Web development is the coding that takes place behind a web page. Web design is the visual component – what users see when they visit a website. Web design has a strong graphics aspect, with a focus on colors, typographic and visual layout. Web development’s focus is on the computer coding that provides the technical framework behind the webpage.

Such skills lead straight to the jobs market.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth in this area almost double the national average, at 13 percent. U.S. News and World Report rated web development as Number Four in the category of Best New Technology Jobs.

And the classes are helpful for business owners, too, as they learn how to make the best use of their online presence to promote their products and services. Although successful students in web development and design will earn a certificate, that track of study isn’t a requirement for enrollment. Since busy entrepreneurs often need the flexibility to master only a few key skills to improve their websites, they can opt to take only the classes they need, most of which have minimal prerequisites.

CGCC is opening the doors to new careers for its students, as well as more effective websites for Columbia Gorge business owners.

For details, visit Web Development Assistant certificate.