OSU Extension has new faculty member

May 12, 2018

Dr. Ashley Thompson, Oregon State University Extension’s new Horticulture Extension Field Faculty member, has arrived in the Columbia Gorge.

OSU Extension’s Columbia Gorge operations are co-located on The Dalles Campus of Columbia Gorge Community College, in Building 2.

Ashley completed her Ph.D. in horticulture at Virginia Tech’s Alson H. Smith Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center. Her dissertation focused on the effects of apple rootstock selection and carbon-based soil amendments, such as compost and “biochar,” on orchard productivity and soil fertility.

She also holds a M.S. in ecology and environmental science from the University of Maine where she studied variations in the fungicide sensitivity of mummy berry disease in organic and conventional blueberry fields. Ashley’s research interests are highly diverse and include orchard soil quality, plant nutrition, rootstocks, plant pathology, weed management and orchard sustainability. Currently, Ashley is planning the Cherry Pre-Harvest Tour, and she looks forward to working with pear and cherry producers and researchers in the Columbia River Gorge and throughout the Northwest.