College offers new incentive for full-time enrollees

July 9, 2018

Students considering full-time enrollment at Columbia Gorge Community College now have special incentive in the form of free tuition for selected college credits.

The college’s budget committee this year approved a plan to encourage full-time enrollment through a tuition exemption applied for qualifying credit loads. Under the “15 th Credit and Above Free” incentive, students only pay tuition for the first 14 credit hours per term; no tuition is charged for the 15 th credit, or for any credit hour beyond that up to 20 credits per term. (Students must obtain special permission to take more than 20 credit hours.)

“The goal is to encourage students planning full-time enrollment at CGCC to consider 15 credits per term, the traditional, minimum number of credits required for on- time completion of certificates and degrees,” said Dr. Eric Studebaker, Chief Student Services Officer.

Students are still assessed fees associated with all classes. College board members approved the tuition incentive on June 12. For details, contact Student Services, (541) 506-6011 or visit the college website,