College Honors Excellence In-House

July 11, 2012

2011-2012 Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards

Two outstanding members of the Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) faculty and staff have netted awards of excellence for the 2011-2012 school year. Both share a dedication and belief in their work that others recognize as extraordinary.

The annual CGCC Award of Excellence program provides the Staff Excellence Award and Faculty Excellence Award winners with a $500 cash award along with a presentation during CGCC graduation ceremonies.

Rob Kovacich, Faculty

Standing over a fuming Bunsen burner might sound like the work of a mad scientist, but for Rob Kovacich, it’s all in a days work as CGCC’s primary chemistry instructor. Kovacich’s passion for science and his high student expectations have earned him respect from a wide variety of nominators.

Jean Ewald, Staff

Jean Ewald, pre-college instructional assistant, has contributed to the college’s long-term stability with her 28 years of service throughout several departments.

Jean brings calm to the testing room for teens and adults who opt to take their GED exam. With 28 years on the job, Ewald is able to transmit confidence to those who seek her help. Her stable, consistent belief in the power of education to change student’s lives is at the heart of her staff recognition.