CGCC Launches Online Campus Redesign Project

May 9, 2012

We're off - speeding down the straightaway towards the first corner.

Seven high-octane individuals have sacrificed their precious time to create the Web Core Team - the backbone of this two-year project, the group responsible for prioritizing, organizing and crafting all the individual projects involved. They meet weekly for three hours to keep the project moving forward at a brisk pace, and have enough concurrent projects to choke our calendar system.

There's four projects going right now - Contact, Directories, Search, and About. The Contact project will be re-building our main campus contact information pages - the maps, directions, phone numbers and email addresses. Directories is simplifying and streamlining the Faculty and Staff directory pages, creating a simple and fast way to find any person, organization or department on campus. The Search project is creating a unified portal for our website search engine - searching all of our web assets, old and new, and serving them to you as fast as possible. Finally, the About project is restructuring our "About" section to provide the most relevant content available to people interested in more info about the College in general.