CGCC Faculty Receiving National Quality Matters Recognition for Distance Learning

June 13, 2018

You may have noticed that there are a number Quality Matters (QM) logos in the schedule of classes at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC). This indicates that the class has met quality standards after a review by a three person panel of instructors, led by a master reviewer and including an external reviewer (from another college or university) and a subject matter expert. Last fall, the following teams conducted successful reviews, which led to more logos:

  • BA 208 - Stephen Shwiff (Faculty Developer), Zip Krummel (Master Reviewer), Eric Greene (Peer Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert), and Dr. Susan Smith from Kennesaw State University (GA) (External Reviewer)
  • BA 226 - Stephen Shwiff (Faculty Developer), Bill Hughitt (Master Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert), Emilie Miller (Peer Reviewer), and Helen Martin from Clark College College (External Reviewer)
  • CAS 170 - Eric Greene (Faculty Developer), Linda Hughitt (Master Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert), Joyce Burkhart (Peer Reviewer), and Vicky Romano from Eastern Oregon University (External Reviewer)

Quality course design standards are a cornerstone of online learning at CGCC. The college adopted QM standards in 2004, using them to evaluate every new hybrid or online course. By 2009, college faculty began certification as peer reviewers and in 2011, the annual reviews started. During the winter of 2018, these teams worked together:

  • CAS 109 Andrea Ware/ Reviewer Linda Hughitt
  • COMM 111 Diane Uto/ Reviewer Leslie Berry
  • HPE 295 Andrew Hughes/ Reviewer Dr. Zip Krummel
  • MEC 120 Jim Pytel/ Reviewer Stephen Shwiff
  • TA 101 Rachel Harry/ Reviewer Bill Hughitt
  • WR 122 Kristie Towell/ Reviewer Leigh Hancock
  • WR 227 Chauna Ramsey/ Reviewer Joyce Burkhart

In the spring term, four courses with QM logos were recertified. The recertification process requires an external subject matter expert who is also a QM master reviewer:

  • ATH 101: Leslie Berry/ Mary Peacock (Richland College TX)
  • ENG 104: Leigh Hancock/ Dr. Jennifer Black (Boise State U)
  • ENG 106: Leigh Hancock/ Dr. Jennifer Black (Boise State U)
  • WR 122: Mandy Webster/ Jenn Kepka (Lane Community College)

The QM program is led by thirteen instructors who are certified as peer reviewers. Of that number, eight are master reviewers (MR): Leslie Berry (MR), Kristen Booth, Joyce Burkhart, Gretchen Gebhardt, Eric Greene, Leigh Hancock (MR), Bill Hughitt (MR), Linda Hughitt (MR), Kristen Kane (MR), Dr. Zip Krummel (MR), Dr. Emilie Miller, Stephen Shwiff (MR), and Andrea Ware (MR). The college is grateful for their work in promoting high quality course design in online and hybrid classes.