CGCC Advising kicks off Fall term with GECS Summit


Ryan Brusco
Academic Advisor, (541) 506-6066

September 20, 2017

When I first started working at CGCC it became apparent that limited staffing levels at the college constrained our ability to build effective relationships with local high schools throughout our multi-county service area.

In Academic Advising we wear a lot of hats. Our duties are spread across many areas beyond providing academic guidance, career services and retention support: student outreach and recruitment, new student orientations, "on-boarding" new students, and more. With our new organizational adoption of Student Outreach And Recruitment (SOAR) as an integral part of Student Services, we are confident we can better serve our local schools with more intentionality and focus.

The high schools want and deserve our support. To better foster a college-going culture in our community, we recognize just how important it is to have a dedicated team to manage those relationships within our local educator community.

This sparked the inception of the Gorge Educators Collaborative Summit (GECS), which we like to pronounce as "geeks." The first event was Wednesday, May 24, at the Ft. Dalles Readiness Center.

We wanted to use this time to make connections, collaborate and present information, as well as to collect as much data as we could. We did this in two ways: 1) small group activities around selected topics, and 2) a note-taking/evaluation document.
The small group activities included the following:

  • Dirty Little Secrets "The good, bad, and ugly!"
  • Process Improvement "How can we better support you in your high school programming needs?
  • Admissions Barriers "What prevents students from attending CGCC?"
  • Outreach Opportunities "What activities would you support?"

We incorporated a few presentations throughout the event to provide information to educators in the following areas:

  • Dual Credit Initiative/College-Level Exam Program
  • Running Start & Expanded Options
  • Oregon Promise Updates
  • Transfer Credits (WSU)
  • Transfer Credits (OSU)

We want to share with you all the feedback collected from the May 2017 GECS event. We gathered data from small group activities (GECS 2017 Work Group Feedback Summary) and evaluations (GECS 2017 Evaluations Summary). We plan to follow up on the suggestions attendees made and will report about them on an ongoing basis. To receive updates about the college along with GECS reports, sign up for the newly-created Campus Currents newsletter and stay up-to-date.

Based on overwhelming feedback the event was a huge success and there was interest to continue it for the next academic year, and to offer it at least twice! Well, we listened to what our Gorge Educators said!

So, please save these dates!

  • Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017 from 9 am to 3 pm
  • Wednesday, April 18, 2018 from 9 am to 3 pm