Matt Fitzpatrick, Adult Literacy Coordinator, (541) 506-6042

Kelly Wiley, Instructional Assistant, (541) 308-8243

Since 2005, Kelly has had three assistant positions at the same time: Gorge Literacy, Pre-college/GED and High School Completion programs. Since 1992 she has also held positions at Parkrose School District and Hood River School District as a Special Education assistant. She is responsible for clerical work, match meetings, testing and interaction with our literacy learner. Her many jobs have enabled her to learn so much about the operation of a community college and the many resource’s available to our community.

Kelly says, "the best part of working for CGCC is the mutual respect the staff has for one another. The management work hard to know the staff personally. I have always had an extreme passion for all students who want to learn and better themselves. Helping them and seeing them become successful is so rewarding. On my off time I love to cook and baby my house plants. I am one of the lucky people who can honestly say I have always had a job I love to go to."