Tutor Qualifications and Training


  • High school diploma or a GED
  • 18 years or older
  • Desire to share the gift of literacy
  • Be non-judgmental, flexible, and patient

Time Commitment

We recommend three hours per week (usually two 1½ hour sessions) to meet with a learner.

Learner/Tutor matches are individually arranged according to location, schedules and interests. Materials and instructional guidance are provided by Gorge Literacy staff.

Tutor Training

Prior to being matched with a learner, volunteers attend a 1/2 day training led by an experienced trainer. The training is comfortably paced, interactive and fun. Breakfast foods are provided.

Trainees learn and explore:

  • Organization's mission
  • Adult Learning
  • Tutor expectations
  • General Learner profiles
  • Potential Tutoring opportunities

You must complete the volunteer tutor form before attending the new tutor training.