Virtual Student Hub

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, CGCC is offering spring term 2020 classes through remote instruction. CGCC welcomes all students to join us on this journey. It is our goal to provide our students with the best course content we can so that your studies don't suffer. This page has information and resources for students. 

Online and Tech Resources

Please see the many resources available to you to help you get online:

Students who do not have access to the necessary technology to participate in online classes can sign up for in-person computer lab time in Building 3, 3.103 on The Dalles Campus or contact Dylan McManus to check out a computer from the library.
  • We are currently planning on having the computer lab open from 10:00 am-2:00 pm Monday-Thursday and will be limiting it to 4 students at a time.
  • To reserve a time to use the computer lab, contact Dylan McManus by email at
  • Please note that CGCC is adhering to the social distancing standards that have been set by local and state governments and that this access is ONLY available to students who have no other ways to participate in online classes. Please follow this link to learn more about resources like discounted Internet service and inexpensive computers.
Did you know you can turn your cellphone into a wi-fi hotspot? Here is a nice walkthrough on how to do this:

If you still don't have a computer or Internet please contact the Library and Learning Commons to see if there is technology available to you for check out. You can even schedule a drive up to campus and we'll bring something to your car.  Contact us at: or call (541) 506 6081

Moodle and Zoom

Classes have moved to Moodle and Zoom for spring term. Since we're all in this together, we understand students may be nervous but remember communication is key and speak with your instructors and the CGCC staff if you have questions.
Watch this video about Moodle to get started.
Since we're moving our face-to-face communications to Zoom, please take ten minutes to watch these videos on how to use Zoom.
Title Approximate Time
Join a Meeting 1 min
Scheduling a Meeting

1 min

Meeting Controls 10 min
Breakout Rooms 3 mins
Recording 1 min
Audio and Video 1 min
Share Your Screen 30 seconds
Share Multiple Screens 1 min 30 seconds
Total 19 mins
When attending a Zoom Meeting it is CGCC policy that all students attending a Zoom Meeting must login with their first and last name as their Username.  No student is permitted to attend Zoom as an anonymous user or with a handle that is not your own name.
There are numerous other videos that can be found on the Zoom YouTube Channel: Here
When you're done with this quick orientation, swing by our website and read through our information for online classes for students: 


All faculty, staff and students have a Google account. You have almost certainly used Gmail, and there are other applications available if you are comfortable in the Google universe. Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides, and Forms are especially useful. Your instructor may ask you to use one or more of these programs to create assignments or share them with the class online or in a Zoom session.