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Instructional Continuity

This page contains resources for CGCC faculty. It includes guidance and web links to assist faculty with preparation for engagement in remote instruction for traditional face-to-face classes during the coronavirus pandemic. 

By the start of spring term, all sections are required to have a syllabus and an introductory communication posted in Moodle for students regarding how remote learning instruction will be conducted. This does not mean the entire class must be conducted through Moodle.

Continuity of Support

The Library and Learning Commons will function as your location for all technology-related questions, and will facilitate getting you help. Please contact the Library at (541) 506-6081 and a staff member will answer your question, or direct you to the appropriate party.  

In addition we will post links here in the comming week to virtual Zoom Help Rooms and an experienced user will respond to your question.

Technology and Internet Access

We ask that faculty and staff help to identify students who do not have access to technology so we can prioritize lending technology appropriately.

Technology may be available to Faculty if an instructor can demonstrate need however those requests need to come from your Chair to the Library and Learning Commons. We will facilitate getting you this technology if it is available. Please do not take any technology from campus without following this procedure, we need to record when the technology leaves and where it is going.

Technology Training


Here are some steps to get started with Zoom.
  1. IMPORTANT: DO NOT sign up for Zoom on your own. Sign up only through this CGCC link.  Click on this link first and than register as a user.  Failure to do this will result in you having to register twice and you will lose time.
  2. Spend ten minutes on the videos below. Take notes and write down your questions!
  3. We have set up a team of experienced Zoom users to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Contact the Library to be directed to the appropriate party.


Approximate Time

Join a Meeting 1 min
Scheduling a Meeting

1 min

Meeting Controls 10 min
Breakout Rooms 3 mins
Recording 1 min
Audio and Video 1 min
Share Your Screen 30 seconds
Share Multiple Screens 1 min 30 seconds
Total 19 mins

There are numerous other videos that can be found on the Zoom Youtube Channel: Here

Please read this blog post from Zoom regarding securing your classroom:  Here

When attending a Zoom Meeting it is CGCC policy that all students attending a Zoom Meeting must login with their first and last name as their Username.  No student is permitted to attend Zoom as an anonymous user or with a handle that is not your own name.

Zoom Security

Several default settings in CGCC's Zoom account have been set to protect against use by unauthorized individuals. By default:
  • All meeting attendees are automatically muted when they join CGCC Zoom meetings.
  • Screen sharing is disabled for attendees. The Host (instructor) has control over who can and cannot share their screen.


Read this Securing Your Classroom blog post in depth. It is easy to understand and has video tutorials and images. It was updated on 3/31/20.
  • Don't allow students to join until you're in the meeting. (How to do this is outlined in the blog post.)
  • Lock your virtual classroom after class has started and you've allowed students time to join. (How to do this is outlined in the blog post). 

Additional Faculty Resources for Zoom

  1. For additional and more in-depth reading to enhance the student/faculty experience, take Part 1 and 2 of Zoom training.
  2. Take a live training class via Zoom. If you would like to have live instruction on how to use Zoom please contact your Library and Learning Commons at:
  3. If additional help is needed for individuals, in-person training will be offered on 3/30 at 10-11am, 3/31 at 11am-Noon, 4/6 10-11am, 4/7 at 11am-noon. Those meetings can be accessed here:
  4. Staff are available for drop in Zoom Training during normal CGCC business hours. Please contact the Library and Learning Commons to set up your meeting.


Moodle is a learning management system that has a wide range of tools for teaching. Here are some steps to get started with Moodle if it is new to you:
  1. If you do not have a Moodle shell, please contact Rob Kovacich, LMS Administrator. 
  2. If you are new to using Moodle, you can access the Moodle Basics and Moodle Advanced training courses on the CGCC Moodle site. If you don't have access to the courses, please contact Rob Kovacich.
  3. You can reach out to faculty in your department who have experience with Moodle. Please contact Rob Kovacich or library staff for tutoring and questions.  In addition please utillize the resources provided in the Continuity of Support section of this page. 


All faculty, staff and students have a Google account. You have probably used Gmail, and there are other applications available. If you are comfortable in the Google universe and if you are comfortable helping your students use these tools, they may be useful: Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Students who do not have access to Microsoft Office suite at home should be encouraged to utilize these free tools and faculty are encouraged to use them as well. These apps are in common use throughout the world and it is important we teach our students how they work.


Click here for spring term preparation for remote teaching.