What's Fair in Fair Use?

February 19, 2014

Do you know what's fair in fair use? Or what's up with Dickens, can his writings be copied and used in courses? Courage, and information, is all it takes for fair use. On the Library Services for Faculty page we've added a Fair Use and Copyright section where the library has linked several helpful guides, tools, and a short video to help you determine fair use. Remember, NONE of this information is legally binding, but keep in mind fair use is very context-dependent. Is the material provided through limited access such as on Moodle, or in a classroom? According to Fair Use, materials used with limited access to a specific audience for educational purposes are permissible. Not only that, since CGCC is accredited we can implement the TEACH Act if we so choose.

Feel free to contact the library if you would like help in gathering fair use materials, or if you have other questions.