New Reading Commons

January 14, 2014

The landscape has changed at your CGCC library as we have created a new reading commons. You can come in and choose from a wide array of scholarly journals, popular magazines, and local newspapers while enjoying the beautiful view out of our east facing windows. Supplement your academic research by accessing recent editions of scholarly journals such as the Journal of American History or the Oregon Historical Quarterly among others. We also have magazines ranging from the Advocate to the Smithsonian, and we've recently added the New Yorker and Wired! To keep you current with local news we have The Oregonian - delivered daily - the Hood River News, The Dalles Chronicle, and the Spilyay Tymoo.

All of these, of course, supplement the extensive volumes of reading materials contained on our library shelves. From volumes on computer programming to philosophy to organic gardening, not to mention a great selection of poetry, literature, and art history. If your needs are to do research for course development, or fill in information for a subject area, or just discover new topics, we have it covered. Come on by, you'll like what you'll find.