Library Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read ebooks on my portable device?

Ebook Central

  • For computers, download the ebook formatted as a PDF and use Adobe Reader, available to download for free, to view.
  • For iPads, iPhones and Android devices, use the Bluefire Reader app.
  • For an e-reader (e.g. a Kindle or Nook), use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), which can be downloaded for free.  Not all e-readers are compatible with ADE.

Google Books

  • It depends on the book.  Google Books also includes previews and purchasing information for books.  For others, it provides the ebook, sometimes for free, sometimes at a cost.  For each book, it will tell you if an ebook is available, how much it costs, and which devices it can be read on.

How do I access databases from off campus?

When prompted, enter

  • Your library card number - all 14 numbers without spaces
  • Your password - the default is the last 4 digits of your phone number

The one exception is LearningExpress Library; you do not need a card to use this database. Need to get a CGCC library card? Forgot your card number or password? Contact us.

How do I connect to the WiFi?

The entire CGCC campus, including the library, is equipped with free wireless Internet access to students, staff, faculty and guests. If you have problems accessing wireless service, please ask the library staff for assistance.

  • Network is named CGCC-Wifi 
  • No password
  • Before you continue, you'll be asked to agree to a statement from the IT department

How do I get a library card?

A library card, also referred to as a library barcode, can be requested by anyone who is currently taking classes at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC). Request a card by coming in person, calling 541-506-6081 or online.

Hood River and The Dalles public library patrons can use their public library card to use the resources at the CGCC library.

How do I print in the library?

The library has a print management system:

  • Log onto the computer with your library barcode
  • Currently registered students get $5 worth of free printing per quarter (printing costs)
  • If you have no money in your account, you can add more at the Library Help Desk
  • Remaining balances will roll over to the next quarter

How do I renew items I have checked out?

There are several ways to renew books and other items you have checked out.

What are scholarly or peer-review journals?

Articles in scholarly journals are usually written by experts for other experts and tend to be technical and contain professional jargon. General interest articles are written for the general public and are less technical.

What if the library doesn't have the book (or CD or DVD or article) I'm looking for?

If CGCC doesn't have what you are looking for, we can try to borrow it from another library using interlibrary loan (ILL). Request an item. Articles take 3-14 days, books 5-14 days.

Who can use the library?


  • Use computers (request a guest pass at the library help desk)
  • Read newspapers and magazines
  • Use our study rooms and others spaces
  • Use our databases in the library

Public patrons

  • Check out books, DVDs and CDs.

CGCC students, faculty and staff

Why do I need to cite my sources?

Citing is giving credit to sources of information you used. Otherwise, you are claiming it is all your own idea. To do so is called plagiarizing. Learn how to correctly cite your sources.

Why do I need to log in to use the library computers?

By using a computer login, the library is able to keep track of printing costs. This means:

  • We can give currently registered students $5 worth of free printing per quarter
  • The amount of money is linked to your library card number
  • Remaining balances will roll over to the next quarter