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The library has the ability to place requested items on reserve. These items are restricted to library-use only; they cannot leave the library, so they are available to all students. You can place library-owned or your own copies of materials on reserve. Contact the library or use the Faculty Request Form at right to place an item on reserve.

Using Materials From Outside of the Library

What to Know

When using outside resources, you'll need to pay attention to copyright. Copyright means use of that material is restricted. But there are exceptions. Or you can bypass all that copyright stuff, by using an alternative, called Open Education Resources. People who create OERs pick a different kind of license that allows for use by anyone.

Copyright and Fair Use

What copyright means and the exceptions that allow you to use copyright materials in the classroom anyway.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) 

Open educational resources are materials that are available online for anyone to use. The library can help you find OERs to use in your classes.

Faculty Ideas & Resources for Teaching - CLO - Communication 

Writing page created by the Writing Dept. Great links for instruction, style guides, resources, etc. 

Teacher Support Center

Best practices teaching strategies 

Instructor Resources 

Library books and ebooks on teaching in a community college both in person and online.