The English department offers a wide variety of pre-college and undergraduate courses to meet the needs of students with a diversity of interests, and academic and professional backgrounds. By studying composition, theory, literature, film studies, and foreign language, students acquire a cross-disciplinary skill set that will apply to any vocational choice. Students in the English will learn to read closely, think critically, and to write with insight and expertise.


Course Name Credits
ENG 104 Introduction to Literature - Fiction 4
ENG 105 Introduction to Literature - Drama 4
ENG 106 Introduction to Literature - Poetry 4
ENG 195 Film Studies: Film as Art 4
ENG 201 Shakespeare’s Early Works 4
ENG 202 Shakespeare’s Later Works 4
ENG 203 Introduction to Shakespeare 4
ENG 213 Latin American Literature 4
ENG 214 Literature of the Pacific Northwest 4
ENG 222 Images of Women in Literature 4
ENG 237 American Working Class Literature 4
ENG 250 Introduction to Folklore and Mythology 4
ENG 253 Survey of American Literature to 1865 4
ENG 254 Survey of American Literature from 1865 to present 4
ENG 260 Introduction to Women Writers 4
Namesort descending Title Email Phone
Kristen Booth Kristen Booth Writing Instructor, Pre-College Instructor, Curriculum Committee Chair
Jennifer Hanlon-Wilde Jennifer Hanlon-Wilde Writing Instructor
Tom Kaser Tom Kaser Writing Instructor (541) 506-6180
Andrea LoMonaco Computer Applications/Office Systems Instructor / Writing & Literature
Kristie Towell Kristie Towell English & Writing Instructor (541) 506-6000
Amanda Webster Writing Instructor