Japanese Program

More than 125 million people speak Japanese. It's a unique language that borrows the writing system of ideographic characters and even some words from Chinese. The large number of its speakers and the high level of cultural, economic, and political development of the Japanese people make Japanese one of the leading languages of the world.

Japanese education from K to 12 in the U.S. has been growing as more young people become interested in Japanese innovation, pop-culture, anime, food, video-games, and music. With increased globalization and omnipresent social network, cross-cultural communication has become dynamic and easier for everyone. People watch Japanese shows and listen to Japanese music in many parts of the world. While a Japanese fever seems to continue, Japanese population has been declining in recent years. Japan needs people who are/will be interested in cultural exchanges, business innovation, collaborative scientific researches, and the preservation of traditional Japanese art.

We hope that more people will join us and energize cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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