Janette Harrington

Pre-College Instructor

jharrington@cgcc.edu, (541) 506-6041


Janette Harrington joined the CGCC Pre-College department in 2010 after a lifetime of teaching that started when she was in highschool. Since coming to CGCC, she has taught language arts, math, science and social studies, and served on the Curriculum Committee and Oregon’s committee to re-align the state and federal writing standards. She has continued her professional education in language arts and math, joined Toastmasters, and obtained her Quality Matters certificate in 2018.

Her professional career outside of academia has included editing, directing, and producing full length Shakespeare plays. She has taught every age group and many subjects. She has also owned two businesses, a state-certified testing business and a property maintenance business.

In addition to education, Janette is a core backpacker. She lives, off-grid, with her husband, next to the Mount Hood National Forest.


Portland State University

Master of Science in Education (Handicap Learner), 1978

Eastern Oregon University

Bachelor of Science, 1974