Instructional Program Reviews


Instructional programs are reviewed on a regular cycle to ensure relevancy, currency and alignment with professional standards, and workforce needs. Faculty play a key role in the process assessing curriculum, resources and student achievement of degree/certificate/program outcomes. The goal of Instructional Program Review is to empower departments and faculty to make informed decisions and improvements that support student success and prepare our graduates for advanced studies or employment.


Instructional programs, both credit and non-credit, will be reviewed, as per the review cycle (see program review timelines), as part of the College's continuous improvement processes. The department chair and department faculty write reports using the approved template. External reviews can be used in place of internal reviews so long as they address all components per the current instructional program review template.


Timeline with Template

Instructional Program Review Timeline and Template Revised October 7, 2021

Academic Program Review: Annual Progress Report

Program Review Progress Report Template


Program Review Schedule Updated September 22, 2021

Completed Instructional Program Reviews

Completed Instructional Program Reviews