Expanded Options Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop an Expanded Options class?

Yes, you can drop or withdraw from your Expanded Options classes:

  • Dropping a class can be done during the first week of the term. No charges will be applied nor grades assigned to your record. Drop deadlines vary for classes shorter than 11-weeks.
  • Withdrawing from a class can be done by the end of the 8th week of the term. You or your high school will be charged for the class and a letter “W” (withdraw) will be assigned to your transcript. Withdraw deadline vary for classes shorter than 11-weeks.

Please consult with a CGCC academic advisor and your high school counselor before dropping or withdrawing from classes. 

How can I prepare for the placement assessment?

Visit our Placement Assessment page to:

  • Schedule the test.
  • Access sample test questions.
  • Download placement assessment study guides.
  • Learn about free math and science tutorials.

Note: Some Expanded Options classes do not require Placement Assessment scores. Check with a CGCC advisor for details. 

How to I get textbooks for my classes?

Inquire at your high school about a textbook voucher, which you can redeem for a textbook(s) at the CGCC Bookstore. Consult with the bookstore staff for textbooks needed for your classes. 

What classes can I take?

You may choose from a full range of academic, profession-technical and vocational classes at the college level. When choosing courses each term from the college schedule, students should work closely with their high school counselors so that they are taking courses at CGCC that are equivalent to their high school graduation requirements.

When is the best time to apply?

Applications to the Expanded Options program are typically due in spring, prior to your junior or senior high school year. Some high schools allow eligible students to apply throughout the school year, whereas others have specific deadlines. Please consult with your high school counselor about the application dates at your school.

Once you are accepted to the program and have met the placement assessment requirements, you can take classes at CGCC in fall, winter and/or spring.