Early College Program

Participating High Schools

Arlington High School

Lori McGuire, lmcguire@arlington.k12.or.us

Condon High School

Michelle Geer, mgeer@condon.k12.or.us

Sherman County High School

Samantha Peterson, speterson@sherman.K12.or.us

Spray High School

Karl Hudson, khudson@spray.k12.or.us

Wheeler High School

Mollie Carter, mcarter@fossil.k12.or.us

The Early College (EC) program provides students in participating high schools an opportunity to take college courses as part of their high school education. Students receive college credit and high school credit for the same course.

Costs covered by the school districts include: Tuition, Textbook(s), Class fees, Transportation

Program Requirements

Students from participating high schools who are interested in the Early College program should check with their high school to determine eligibility requirements for their high school.