Gretchen Gebhardt

Geology Instructor,


Gretchen began teaching at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) in 2011 and has been teaching at Portland Community College (PCC) since 2008, as well as teaching labs during her Graduate and Undergraduate school careers.

She teaches the G 200 course series which includes G 201 - Physical Geology - Materials (rocks, minerals, volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics), G 202 Physical Geology - Surficial Processes (Rivers, glaciers, groundwater, coastlines, etc), and G 203 - Physical Geology - Historical (major events in Earth's history). She also teaches the General Science course series as an online hybrid: GS 106 - Geology, GS 108 - Oceanography, and GS 109 - Meteorology, as well as G 207 - Geology of the Pacific Northwest.


Portland State University

Master of Science in Geology (Geohydrology), 2007

Geneseo State University

Bachelor of Arts in Geology, 2003