Announcing CGCC’s Newest Student Resource: iGrad Financial Literacy


Sara Viemeister, BS
Financial Aid Coordinator, (541) 506-6021

Jennifer Christensen
Financial Aid Coordinator, (541) 506-6029

June 2, 2017

Columbia Gorge Community College has partnered with Solutions at Education Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) to provide our staff, students, and their families, access to the award-winning iGrad Financial Literacy Platform. 

As you may be aware the lack of personal money management skills causes a wide variety of economic and social concerns, many of which directly affect us here at CGCC. 

  • How to fund an education

  • How to budget, save, and manage income

  • How to plan for retirement

These are just a few sorely-needed skills to be provided by our financial literacy program.

Countless studies show the need for increased personal finance education and the benefits of implementing a campus-wide program.

All of our students and staff will be able to access the site from