Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program

This need-based program is available summer, fall, winter and spring terms each award year. You must reapply by submitting the FAFSA and demonstrating eligibility each year to receive it.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) each year
  • Have unmet need equivalent to the amount of work study offered
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress each term
  • Be enrolled at least half time (6 or more credits) each eligible term

Employment opportunities may be available on campus in The Dalles and Hood River. Students may begin working only after FWS has been offered and accepted. Students are paid 50 cents above Oregon minimum wage and may work up to $1,000 per term with a maximum of $4,000 per award year, depending on terms of attendance and eligibility.   The average work study award per term is $500-$1000.

Steps to Receiving Federal Work-Study

  1. File for Federal Student Aid (through FAFSA process).
  2. Accept the Federal Work-Study award
  3. Check for position openings as listed below.
  4. Call the financial aid office at 541-506-6021 to confirm your eligiblity for a work study position or ATTEND A WORK STUDY JOB FAIR!
  5. Choose a department to work in, interview with that department and get hired!

Federal Work-Study Opportunities

Below is a list of College departments and a brief description of possible tasks required for each work study position. Not all departments will have work-study positions availabile each year or each term. If a department has an opening, a “NOW HIRING” tag will be indicated next to the department.  First, contact the financial aid department at 541-506-6021 to check on your eligibility for work study; then contact the department hiring supervisor (as noted below) to set up an interview.   It may be helpful to fill out a Work Study Job Interest sheet where you can highlight your interests and experience to your prospective supervisor.  

College Departments


Advising:    Assisting with various Advising team support projects.   Full job description here.   Contact Mike Taphouse for more information at (541) 506-6026.

Business Office:   Provides clerical support including spreadsheet management, filing, scanning and some reconciliations.  Full job description here.  Contact Joyce Zrelak for more information at (541) 506-6057.

Child Care Partners:  Provides clerical assistance and telephone follow-up.  Full job description here.    Contact Nancey Patten for more information at (541) 506-6130.    

Class Act CafePosition may entail food preparation, taking orders, cleaning and stocking kitchen.  Hours 10am until 2pm Monday through Thursdays.  Contact Dave for more information at (541) 506-6196.  

FacilitiesPosition will entail assisting the custodial, maintenance and/or grounds crews with their daily tasks, projects or event preparations.  2-3 positions available.  Full job description here.  Contact Jacob Toda for more information at (541) 506-6070.

Information Technologies Services (IT):  Assist with day-to-day tasks of the IT department, including organization, inventory, security and software updating, troubleshooting and help ticket assignments.   Full job description here.  Contact Adam Gietl for more information at (541) 506-6095.

Instructional Services:    Position involves clerical support for GED department and includes database and word processing projects.   Full job description N/A.  Contact Mary Martin for more information at (541) 506-6031.  

Library Performs basic clerical duties, keyboarding and database searching, assists patrons at the Service Desk.   Full job description here.  Contact Kathy Viemeister for more information at (541) 506-6087.  

Marketing Department:    Coming soon!    Contact Dan Spatz for more information at (541) 506-6034.

Nursing Department:  Assists with projects and routine duties in the Nursing and Health Occupations office and simulation labs.  Full job description here.   Contact Angela Jones for more information at (541) 506-6141.  

Pre College:   Position includes greeting students and visitors, data entry and other administrative skills.  Full job description here.  Contact Teresa Cummings for more information at (541) 506-6041.

President's Office:  Position involves daily and short term projects including basic office duties, internet research and other assignments.    Full job description here.    Contact Tiffany Prince for more information at (541) 506-6103.

Resource Development:    Duties involve marketing Columbia Gorge Community College Foundation’s scholarship program and fund-raising events.  Full job description here.   Contact Stephanie Hoppe for more information at (541) 506-6113. 

Small Business Development Center  Coming soon! Contact Rick Leibowitz for more information at (541) 506-6120.

Student Life Center:    Assisting Student Leadership and Student Life Advisor with various projects, filing, data entry and other duties.   Full job description here.   Contact Michelle Gietl for more information at (541) 506-6027.

Student Outreach and Recruitment:    Assisting the SOAR team with various tasks, general office duties, mailing and other assignments.   Full job description here.   Contact Tama Bolton for more information at (541) 506-6065.

Student ServicesPosition involves clerical support work, including but not limited to, greeting and assisting students in person and over the phone.  Full job description here.    Contact Dawn Sallee-Justesen for more information at (541) 506-6028.   


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