Associate of Applied Science Administrative Office Professional Outcomes

Students who complete this degree should be able to:

  1. Produce professional, error free, timely documents by using current and emerging software and hardware technology. Evaluate and analyze new tasks to determine what computer technology should be utilized to effectively complete the tasks.
  2. Perform general office tasks: plan and participate in meetings; coordinate travel arrangement; schedule appointments; greet clients/customer; process mail; manage equipment, supplies, and other resources in a timely manner to maintain workplace efficiency.
  3. Work effectively in a team and group setting by understanding roles within teams, work units, departments, and organizations. Exhibit effective people skills to deal with a variety of personalities and diverse individuals,
  4. Effectively communicate creative and critical ideas; respond effectively both verbally and in written format to the spoken, written, and visual ideas of others. Collaborate with others to develop and implement company vision, goals, and tasks.
  5. Analyze the effectiveness of office practices and procedures and recommend and implement necessary changes. Use planning and time management principles to accomplish workplace efficiency and achieve company objectives.
  6. Use critical thinking, organization, and problem solving to effectively manage numeric, alphabetic, and digital data. Apply knowledge of basic accounting procedures to the basic record-keeping requirements of a business using applicable technology.