Course Refund Policy

Refund Requests Within the Drop Period

The Business Office automatically issues refunds to students who drop within the drop period. The refund process as follows:

  • Refunds from tuition and fees are first applied to outstanding charges on the student's account. If the student receives financial aid and opted to charge books on his/her account, this will also be deducted prior to any refund.
  • If the credit is the result of a payment by check or cash, a check is issued in the student's name.
  • If the credit is the result of a bank card payment, the refund will be applied to the original bank card.
  • Refunds resulting from check overpayment are held two weeks from the date of the original payment.

Refund Requests After the Drop Period

If an extreme hardship prevented the student from completing a course, and the student could not drop during the refund period, he or she may request to have tuition charges removed from his or her account. Fees, especially any non-refundable fees may not be refunded. A Tuition Appeal form for requesting a refund can be obtained from Student Services in The Dalles or Hood River. Students submitting a Tuition Appeal form will be asked to provide documentation of circumstances to support their claim. The petition, and all accompanying documentation, must be received by the filing deadline to be considered. Please see the form for more details.