Course Evaluations

STUDENT COURSE EVALUATION (Course Specific) - Spring Term 2021

ART 230 Drawing I: Anderson  Zoom M,W
ART 252 Ceramics I: Hoffman TDC 4.130 Tu,Th
ATH 101 Introduction to Physical Anthropology: Berry  Online   
BA 131 Introduction to Business Technology: Meishaln  FlexConnect Tu
BA 224  Introduction to Human Resource Management: Finnerty  FlexConnect Th
BI 211 Principles of Biology: Miller HRC 101 M,W
BI 233 Human Anatomy & Physiology III: Andree  TDC 3.302 Tu,Th
CAS 108 Beginning Photoshop: Ware  Online   
CAS 133 Intro to Office Software: Hughitt Online  
CG 111 Study Skills for College Learning: Kane  Online   
CH 121 General Chemistry I: Koviach  TDC 3.203 M,W
COMM 111 Public Speaking: Uto  Hybrid  Fri
CS 260 Data & Algorithims: Burke  HRC 309 M,W
ECE 101 Exploring the ECE Field: Mickels  TDC 3.302 Sat
ECE 126 Early Childhood Development: Birth to Age 8: Shope  TDC 3.302 M
ED 101 Teachers Make a Difference: Exploring the K-5 Classroom: Brackenburry  Zoom M
ED 216 Purpose, Structure, & Function of Education in a Democracy: Cunningham  Online   
EET 111 DC Circuts: Pytel  Hybrid  M,W
EET 221 Semiconductor Devices and Curicits: Lieurance  TDC 10.107 M,W
EET 251 Digital Electronic 1: Programmable Logic Devices: Spengler  TDC 10.119 M
ENG 237 American Working Class Literature: Ontiveros  Online   
G 208 Volcanoes and Their Activity: Gebhardt  Hybrid  Sat
HE 113 First Aid & CPR/AED Professional Rescurers/Healthcare Providers: Adams  TDC 1.464 F
HST 110  World History I: Ancient to Medieval: Copp TDC 3.327 W
HST 225 History of Women, Sex, and the Family: Copp  HRC 311 Tu,Th
LIB 101 Library Research and Information Retrieval Stragegies: Jablonski Online   
MFG 150  Manufacturing Processes: Clark  TDC 5.112 Tu,Th
MTH 110  Technical Math: Wolman  TDC 10.105 Tu,Th
MTH 98 Quantitative Math: Byers  HRC 312 Tu,Th
MUS 105 Music Appreciation: Kavakov TDC 3.301 Tu,Th
NRS 221 Nursing in Chronic Illness II and End-of-Life Care: Bailey  TDC 3.328 M-F
RD 115  Critical Reading: Kamrar  TDC 3.301 & HRC 302 M,Tu,W,Th
SOC 204 Sociology in Everday Life: Martinez  Online  
SPA 101 First Year Spanish-First Term: Huszar  HRC 313  M,W
UAS 100  UAS Flight Training: McCabe  TDC 10.Drill M,W
UAS 210 UAS Management: Davis  Zoom Tu,Th
WGS 101 Women's and Gender Studies: Webster  HRC 311 W
WR 90 Introductory Writing: Booth  TDC 3.302 M,W
WR 115 Introduction to Expository Writing: Kaser  HRC TBA Tu,Th
WR 121 English Composition: Towell Online