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Computer Science

Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree: Credit Minimum: 90

Degree planning worksheet

Any student who holds an Oregon community college Associate of Science Oregon Transfer— Computer Science (ASOT—CS) that conforms to the guidelines set forth below, and who transfers to one of Oregon’s public universities, will have met the lower division general education requirements of that university. Students transferring under this agreement will have junior status for registration purposes. Course, class standing, or GPA requirements for specific majors, departments, or schools are not necessarily satisfied by an ASOT—CS degree.

Core Requirements

Writing 8 WR121 and either WR 122 or WR 227. A student must have at least eight credits of Writing. Information Literacy will be included in the writing requirement. (Note: WR 227 will meet additional requirements at some CS baccalaureate programs)
Mathematics 10
Must include at minimum MTH 251 Differential Calculus and MTH 252 Integral Calculus.
Oral Communications 4 COMM 111, COMM 140, COMM 214, COMM 215
Health/Wellness/Fitness 3 One or more courses totaling at least three credits

Computer Science Specific Requirements

A minimum of 16 credits in computer science consisting of the following courses. Each course in this section must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. (Note: many CS programs have competitive admission. Minimum GPA and grades will not generally be high enough to gain admission to competitive programs).

Required Courses

  • CS 160 Computational Thinking

  • CS 161 Programming & Problem Solving

  • CS 162 Web Development and Object-Oriented Programming

  • CS 260 Data and Algorithms

General Education Discipline Studies Requirements

  • Arts & Letters: Three courses chosen from two or more disciplines.

  • Social Sciences: Four courses chosen from two or more disciplines.

  • Science/Math/Computer Science: Four courses from at least two disciplines including at least three laboratory courses in biological and/or physical science

  • See program specific requirements as some programs require physics

  • Note that the CS and Math core required courses will meet the requirement for one of the four required courses, so normally only three science courses outside of CS/Math are needed
  • Cultural Literacy: Select one course designated as meeting the cultural literacy requirement. This course may be from any of the discipline studies that is designated as meeting the statewide criteria for cultural literacy.

Elective Credit Requirements

Complete additional courses to bring the total number of credits to at least 90; varies depending on the student’s selection of courses to meet the requirements above. Please carefully plan this in consultation with university-specific CS program requirements. A current guide for university specific, lower division CS requirements is maintained at or consult with an advisor from the target university program. Lower division courses taken at the community college may not meet the requirements of an upper division course with a similar title and content offered by an Oregon public university Computer Science program. In such cases, the courses in question will normally transfer as electives. The ASOT—CS degree may include up to 12 approved Career Technical Education credits as electives. 

Computer Science

Associate of Science Degree: 104 Credits

Degree Suspended

The Associate of Science - Computer Science (AS-CS) degree is suspended as of July 1, 2019. CGCC will not be accepting new students into this program after spring term 2019. Students who enrolled in the degree program prior to summer 2019 and are seeking to complete the degree should contact their adviser for assistance. CGCC will work with students currently enrolled in the program to develop a "teach out" plan so that they may complete the program in a timely manner.

For students interested in pursuing a degree in the field of Computer Science, please consider the Associate of Science Oregon Transfer - Computer Science (ASOT-CS) degree. The ASOT-CS is a statewide degree that has almost identical coursework to the AS-CS. As a statewide degree, the ASOT-CS has transfer agreements in place with Oregon community colleges and universities. Check with a CGCC advisor to learn more about this degree and its transfer possibilities.