Computer Science


Mary Martin
Registrar, (541) 506-6025

Degrees and Certificates

Computing Science (CS) is the study of how to maintain order in a vast, discrete, intricately connected universe. It is the study of the processes of calculation, including robotics, programming languages, computer hardware, theory, databases, networks, security, graphics, music, artificial intelligence, and all the means by which humans can rationally develop knowledge and build certainty in their results. Computing is the how and the why of information.

Students who complete a degree in CS will find it useful in a wide variety of fields, in science, art, and business. Each person who studies computing is unique, and the ways they use computing are as richly diverse and unexpected as they are. From programming for software companies, to searching for patterns in scientific data, to operating the computing infrastructure of any organization, to giving humanity new powers it had never imagined, we are coming to recognize that the ability to understand computation is as fundamental as literacy.

The CS program at Columbia Gorge Community College closely aligns with the first two years in CS programs at most Oregon public and private universities. All of Oregon's public universities offer a bachelor's degree in CS, Software Engineering, or Information Systems. In most cases, students are able to complete the first two years of such a degree at CGCC before transferring to a four-year university for completion.


Course Name Credits
CS 160 Computational Thinking 4
CS 161 Programming & Problem Solving 4
CS 162 Web Development and Object-oriented Programming 4
CS 260 Data and Algorithms 4
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Andrew Burke Computer Science Instructor